A WOD In The Park

I needed to get a second WOD under my skin before heading back to work tomorrow and I had been thinking about getting it done since last Friday, but I let life (and rain) get in my way. I finally decided on the Road WOD 6 from myWod App last night so I could do it indoors (in case it rained some more) or outdoors. I got up early with the girls this morning, got our morning routine done and out of the way before the clouds opened up (the days is still very cloudy, but no rain so far) and headed over to the Pink Elephant Park (as Rina refers to it)! My upstairs neighbour didn’t show up (she was still sleeping when I left)!

I really wanted to do 4 rounds of this WOD and incorporate 400m runs with each rounds, but I didn’t feel like I could be so far from the girls. The park is surrounded by busy streets and I didn’t trust Béatrice not to dash in the streets while I was doing a run. I instead I chose to do the WOD almost RX, modifying the sit-ups for park bench jumps (I didn’t feel like lying on my back on a hard trail full of hard little pebbles).

Easter WOD in the park

Easter WOD in the park


There weren’t too many people out and about and I was glad for that as I don’t like to “give a show” when I work out. When we go to the park closer to home, there usually is nobody this early in the morning and the park is surrounded by tall bushes and residential homes, so not many spectators.

Rina and Béatrice provided cheers for the first few rounds (Rina tried to do push-ups with me and was counting my reps: 6-4-12-8-7, according to her math skills :) while Béatrice attempted to copy my squats for a few reps before heading on over to the slide). The last 2 rounds were slower as I had to keep an eye on Béa (she was starting to wander further away and closer to the street) and a stranger stopped by to have the following conversation with me

Stranger: It hurts just looking at you!

Me: That’s the whole point, isn’t it?

Stranger: My philosophy is “no pain, no pain”!

Me: Ha!

Stranger: Could I just give you one piece of advice, don’t bounce so much when you sit in your squat. Take the time to sit in it and then come back up. I wouldn’t want to see you pull a muscle or something

Me: (smiling and nodding) yes, uhuh, sure, ok, yep!

All the while I was thinking, you’re not supposed to pause at the bottom of your squat, but be nice to this man who probably means well and hopefully hasn’t been checking my butt while I was squatting away.

Oh well, another one for the books! I will be putting the girls to bed for a quick nap after we leave some carrots for the Easter Bunny and then, we’ll go on an Easter Egg Hunt when they get up!

Happy Easter everyone!


Finally A Post About Something Other Than Crossfit! ;)

I’m done!

I have finally bound off my Onward and Upward! The original design is Onward by Shannon Cook. It has taken me a good 2 months to finish this project. Way too long if you ask me for such a small project, but what can you do? Such is life when you are working shift work full-time, a wife, mother of 2 toddlers and an avid Crossfitter! (Ok, I lied in the title, of course I’ll talk about Crossfit! :) )

My upstairs neighbour was kind enough to model the shawl for me this afternoon and I just finished editing the pictures.

140419-001 140419-002

Close-up of the pattern

Close-up of the pattern

I am now currently working on 2 different patterns (let’s be real, I just casted on for both, so you might not get to see some finished products for at least six months at the rate I’m knitting at)! I am teaching myself to knit socks two-at-a-time (knocking off 2 items off my “knitting bucket list”: knitting socks and learning the two-at-a-time method) and after having done my swatch for the Shepherd back in February, I’m finally ready to tackle cables!


Copyrights Kate Davies Design

Like I said, I’m hoping to be done knitting the hoodie by next fall, when it will be cold enough to actually wear it! In the meantime, I’m getting ready for a fun Easter Sunday:

  • a Road WOD in the park (since Ben isn’t home, I plan on taking the girls to the playground so I can get my WOD in while they play. My upstairs neighbour said she might join us with her son). Hopefully it won’t be raining, otherwise, I don’t know what I’ll be doing with the girls. I guess I could still do the WOD in the living room (without the running part obviously). I’ve decided on Road WOD #6 from myWOD App which consists of 6 rounds for time:

1. 10 push-ups (mine will be hand release)

2. 10 air squats

3. 10 sit-ups

Finish it off with a 400m run

  • Grocery shopping for the upcoming week at work (some of us still have to work through the Easter Holiday :( )
  • Easter egg hunt for the girls when they get up from their nap in the afternoon!

I was also very much looking forward to reuniting with my hubby, but I just found out he will be landing back on the west coast way past my bedtime. :( I guess our reunion will have to wait until I come home from work on Monday… I’ve missed him very much and 5 days is a long time to be without him, even though we haven’t seen much of each other lately. We are like ships passing in the night, but I’d take a few minutes here and there any day over not getting to see him at all…

PR Or Not?

I made sure I could get to the Box today seeing as my hubby is away until Sunday (which means this mama won’t get any down time until he returns). We are very lucky to have Aunt Sandy to help out while I will be working my night shifts as well as the Nanny, but I’d prefer having my husband home. :( It’s his last tournament of the season, so at least there’s that to look forward to! Also, when Ben comes back, we have some exciting changes for our family in the works. I will let you know more when it is official! :)


Skill: I had never done split jerks before today and I was excited to try something new. These were fun to work up to. I made sure to work on the footwork instead of focusing on the weight increase. I did the following reps:



WOD: I had done Helen back in October with a time of 13:54, but was only using 18# KB and the green band for pull-ups. Today, I finished last (surprise, surprise), but I had 26# KB for the American swing (KB swings all the way overhead) instead of Russian (KB swing up to about eye level) and I used the blue and purple bands for the pull-ups. Not sure which should be considered my PR, but I’ll think of today’s attempt as my PR. It was my 1st time doing pull-ups with those bands and they were HARD! I couldn’t string more than three at a time and on my last set, I did 3-3-2-2-1-1. I was glad to be done with this one! It was a lot of work and I don’t know i fit’s because I was at the Box later than usual or because the weather is warming up outside, but I had a hard time keeping my grip on both the KB and the bar during pull-ups. My hands were sweating up like never before and I kept losing my grip. I’ve never really done Crossfit in the warmer weather (I started at the end of July last year) and I guess I’ll have to adapt to the warmer weather. When I was out on my 2nd run of the WOD, I heard a car honk on the street I was running (I was alone running, everybody else were already done with their second run). I don’t know if it was because of traffic or if it was a shout out, but I’d like to think it was a shout out! ;) Thanks to whomever was trying to cheer me on!

I guess I will have to try to create a WOD for myself to do on Saturday at the playground with the girls. I’m sure I could do some park bench jumps, some TTB attempts on the monkey bars, some air squats, push-ups and some running. We also have a 25# KB that I could drag along for some swings. I’ll try to plan something accordingly and hopefully, get an extra workout under my belt!


That’s the motto at our Box.

Relentless: re·lent·less  (rĭ-lĕnt′lĭs)


1. Unyielding in severity or strictness; unrelenting: relentless persecution.
2. Steady and persistent; unremitting: the relentless beat of the drums.
Today, I wasn’t successful, but I was relentless. I kept going even though I was out from the get go and I finished way after the buzzer had gone off, but I finished.
Here’s what we did today:
Warm-up: I decided to give wall Handstands a try and I pulled it off easily. Good to know I can now do wall handstands! :)
Skill: I did the following reps for the Power Clean:
I really was hoping to get to 70#, but Coach Caleb wanted me to better my form at 65#. He was right too. After his advice, the second set felt a lot better.
WOD: That was a doozie. It looks all innocent, but it kills you. I only used the training bar with 10# on it for a total of 20# for the OHS. I think I could have gone heavier, but I’ve been scared of OHS since the Open, when I kept dropping the bar backwards. I wanted to keep it to a manageable weight and make sure I wasn’t going to lose form. Also, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to wreck my shoulder again… So yeah, I may have been over-cautious on that one.
For the box jumps, I did 24″. It was my first time ever trying them out and I was glad I managed every rep without any issue. That’s a challenging height considering I’m only 61″ tall! ;)
I stuck with 14# for the wall balls. They remain my least favourite, but I stuck to it and no-repped myself a few times because the ball didn’t touch the wall or it touched below the line. I’m seriously not a fan of wall balls, but I guess that just means I have to work on them more!
I was out of this WOD on the 1st round, going well above the 90s we had to accomplish one round, but I stuck to it and kept going through each round one rep at a time. I may not be the strongest nor the fastest, but I am relentless. Funny how the motto of the box applies to this little mama. Call it stubbornness, call it determination, call it whatever you want, but I will not quit. When I thought I couldn’t keep going, I could hear the cheers from everyone who was done and I kept thinking to myself:
You may not think you can do this, but these people believe in you. Just do one more. See how it feels and then do another one after that. These people think you can do it. Don’t make liars out of them!
It worked. Crossfit is very physical, but it’s even more mental. Whatever discourse I needed to have with myself to finish, I got through it and never gave up. I was Relentless and I was living up to my Box’s philosophy. Sure I was disappointed to finish without any time mark, but I finished. And to me, that’s an accomplishment in itself. Not to mention I nailed the wall handstand and 24″ box jump! :)

Everyday Superhero

Even though it was hard to stay away from the box for 5 days, I knew it would pay off in the end! I went back today and here’s what was on the program:

Skill: I started off warming up with 45#x3, 50#x2, 60#x1 and then started the 1RM with the following:

60#-65#-70# Fail

66#-67#-70# Fail

New 1RM is now 67# (it was 65# back in December). Not a huge improvement, but I’ll take any I can get! :) Also, no pain whatsoever in my shoulder so I guess the rest period paid off in the end!

WOD: We all know how much I love running and how efficient I am at it (NOT), so I asked Coach Caleb if he thought I should go for the Rx distances and he said: “Can you run?” Me: “Yeah.” Coach: “Then you are running Rx!”. That settled that I guess!

I managed to finish in 24:15 and I did all my strict pull-ups with 2 blue bands. It’s been a long time since I’ve worked on pull-ups and strict ones are always harder for me for some reason.

For my faithful readers, I had mentioned a few months ago that I was working on a special project and it has finally come to see the light of day. I did a short interview for the Box where I work out (Crossfit Vic City). Coach Cam had thought of me because I came from the OnRamp program and am juggling family, shift work and Crossfit. Unfortunately, the audio didn’t turn out so he ended up making a video montage. I am sharing it with you all here. Hope you enjoy my goofiness! ;)


Rest Day: Another Kind of Torture

Yesterday was my self-imposed rest day from Crossfit. I was glad to be able to sleep in (until 0700 that is! I am still a mom to 2 toddlers after all), but I was really sad to be missing out on a day of Crossfit. It was Back Squat day and I was going to be a no-show. One thing you have to know about me, back squats and deadlifts are my favorite lifts. It just so happen that I missed the complete serie on deadlift when it was in the programming recently (except for maybe one session) and now, I find myself missing a session of back squats. I was strong and resisted the urge to go in and do the WOD because I know my body needs the rest. My shoulders have been screaming for a break for the past week and I know I NEED to rest in order to keep progressing.


It’s just so dang hard to stay away from the Box when it’s my sacred me-time where I don’t have to think about anyone else but me. I’m a wife, a mom and a NICU RN every other hours of my life, but the rare times I get at the Box, I just have me to think about. Maybe that’s why I love it so much! :)

So what did I do instead on my turnaround day (the day between my last day shift at work and my first night shift)? Well, I was a wife who got to spend about an hour with my husband. It feels like we haven’t seen each other for almost a month. Our schedules are really not in sync right now and if we get to see each other an hour a day, it’s a good day. So, yeah, we spent about an hour in the same room trying to mane the kids. I was also a mom for most of the day, getting clothes ready, food ready, kids dressed, one napped, the other didn’t. I took them shopping for Rina’s new dance outfit (she has outgrown her 1st one) and we had a quick lunch while I folded 3 loads of laundry.

I then tried to relax before going for a nap myself before my night shift, but Beatrice had other plans and therefore, I was a bit on edge. I was thankful when Nanny showed up so I could go sleep for 2 hours before getting ready for  work. My sleep was occupied by weird dreams and I was hoping a good hot shower would help out when I got up. Life had other plans since I had to endure a completely cold shower (our upstairs neighbours were washing dishes and that means no hot water for me when their tap is on). It’s about time we move from there. I have reached my limit a while back and I can honestly say I’m not sure how long before I break down and verbal diarrhea comes out.

As you can see, a rest day from Crossfit is simply that. Rest from Crossfit. When you have young kids, you don’t ever get a day off. It’s all god though, I love kissing their boo-boos away, hugging them and getting their snotty kisses and cuddles!


The Return of Friday Run Day… Yay!

The weather has been very decent over the past month and I guess with nicer weather, a return of outside running was doomed to happen at one point! Oh, how I love to run (not)!

For the skill section, I did my Hang Power Cleans with the following weights:


My shoulders are still very stiff from last Sunday and I just couldn’t move fast enough from the shoulder shrug to the flipping of the elbows. Looking forward to my 5 days of (Crossfit) rest. I have decided that even though my schedule would allow me to go in on Monday, I’m not going to. I need to give my shoulders a rest, otherwise, I just won’t progress.

Seeing as my shoulders were so sore, I decided to skip the Push Press for the WOD today. Coach Caleb gave those of us who skipped the push presses 8 burpees to do instead. I did the WOD the following way:

TG+: 4 rounds of

  • 400m run (or drag in my case)
  • 8 burpees
  • 10 back squats @55# (from the rack since I didn’t do the push press)

I finished way dead last at 17:37. I know I gave it my full effort and Mark was nice enough (or cruel enough, depending how you want to look at it) to accompany me on my last run. He said he knew I wouldn’t stop to walk if he came out with me. He knows me too well and he was right!

I had previously finished it in 15:00, but with a weight of 35#. I never know which to consider my PR. Do I go according to the shorter time, but lesser weight, or higher weight and longer time?!? Still so confused at times!

Since I am taking a little rest from the WODs over the next few days, I’ll leave you with what I’ve been cooking in preparation for my return to work tomorrow:

I made this delicious Meat Crust Quiche from PaleOMG. my sausage was turkey, thyme and cranberry and the mix is very tasty. Even Béa shared some of mine this morning! Here’s what mine looked like coming out of the oven:

I am NOT a food photographer! Trust me, this is delicious!

I am NOT a food photographer! Trust me, this is delicious!

I also made a Chicken Mustard Stew from the PaleoLeap  Paleo Recipe Book in my Instant Pot and it was quick and easy. I browned the chicken breasts with the onion and garlic. Added the canned tomatoes  and wine and set it on poultry for 30 mins. Voilà! I ate it with a nice salad last night and it was very comforting!

Today, I plan on making the Crab Stuffed Salmon also front he PaleoLeap Paleo Recipe Book. I have been craving the stuffed salmon fillet from Costco and hopefully, this will come as a close second! I’ll let you know how it turns out!

And just because I can, I will leave you with a picture of Béa yesterday. She stole Rina’s hat and put it on her head and kept it on there for part of the afternoon. I thought she looked like a little Shriner! ;)

Goofy girl!

Goofy girl!