Crushed It!

The announcement for workout 15.2 came out last night and I was very troubled by it. I don’t think I was the only one, judging by Michele Letendre’s facial expression right after the reveal.

I looked up my post on 14.2 from last year (you can read it here) and then it all came back to me. I had fallen on my butt so many times, just trying to stabilize that bar overhead. I remember trying my little heart out for those 3 mins and only managing 2 reps. I then looked up the scaled option for the WOD and figured it wouldn’t help me at all: I don’t have C2B nor do I have my unassisted pull-ups. All right. I made the decision to do it Rx. I knew the weight of the bar would be heavier (65# vs 45#) and I wouldn’t get a C2B with my attempt, but I figured, if I can manage the OHS Rx, I’ll at least score higher than all the people scaling the workout. I was hoping for at least 3 reps, with a goal of somewhere between 5 and 10.

The 0600 class was split into 2 heats and I was in the second heat. I offered to judge Karen and she did amazing. Then, it was my turn to do it. 3-2-1-Go!

I managed 3 reps of the OHS without putting the bar down. I was slow and calculated on the down, but I felt like I could do this. I had already PR’d my previous attempt, so all was good. Rep #4 was tough. I started to squat, felt the bar really wobbly overhead and stood back up. I stabilized the bar, braced my core and managed to squat it. I think it took me about 2mins to do all 10 reps. Like I said, I was slow and calculated, but I was doing it. I never lost my balance like I did last year and I never fell on my butt. Much improved IMHO! I made my way to the rig to attempt a C2B, but failed miserably. To be honest, I didn’t care! I had just surpassed my goal by at least 7 reps! I tried 3 or 4 times to get a C2B before the 3 mins were up, and that was it for me!

I’m floating right now. Just to know how much I have improved in the past year and how much more I can do compared to when I first started this journey. It is so freakin’ empowering!

Under Coach Caleb's watchful eye

Under Coach Caleb’s watchful eye

One rep completed!

One rep completed!

Big shout out to Apprentice Coach Graham who took these pictures of me. It’s rare that I get to have pictures of myself working out for the blog and I have to say, I’m proud as punch of these!

Sis Sesh

You know how they call a bunch of guys working out together a “bro sesh”? Well, this morning, we had a “sis sesh”. Tracey and I were the only ones who showed up for the Oly lifting class this morning. It was nice to have Coach Caleb totally focused on us. Not that he normally isn’t during the classes, but today was different. Here’s what we worked on:

Power Snatch + Hang Squat Snatch x5 E3M @ 75%

Those were hard. Coach Caleb wanted me to go to 55# (which would have been 90% for me from our testing week) since I’m not really lifting heavy yet, but once we warmed up, I was struggling for the squat snatch at 50# so he then advised me to stay at that weight for the reps. I became a little more stable in the hang squat snatch as we progressed through the reps, but I was ok with staying at that weight for all reps. I still have a hard time committing to dropping below the bar and I worked hard on that today. I think I was a little less tentative and paused less doing these today. I guess you could say I somewhat improved?

Clean High Pull + Squat Clean + 2 Split Jerk E2M @ 75%

Well, I knew that my new PR for this was 90# (since I had just achieved this for 15.1A!) and that meant that my weight for today should have been 67.5#. Coach Caleb and I settled for 65#. At first, I struggled a bit with the high pull, but once I got into it, it felt a little more natural. The squat clean felt fine for all reps. Where I struggled the most was during the split jerk. For some reason that eluded me, I couldn’t find any stability in my split. Coach Caleb pinpointed my problem easily and all I had to do was widened my steps to about shoulder width. Easy enough fix and once I listened to him, I felt a lot stronger in the move.

I came home to my family slowly waking up and we all had breakfast together before Aunt Sandy came over to pick up her birthday present. I think she was happy. ;) She had her dog Ruby with her and I was happy to see Béatrice not being as scared of Ruby as she used to be. She has been a little more comfortable around bigger dogs lately and it gives me hope for when we actually get a dog into our family. I like bigger breeds and I was a bit afraid Béatrice wouldn’t do well with a bigger dog in the house. I would totally go the rescue route if we were to adopt a dog as I don’t want to deal with puppy antics! I have enough on my plate as it is and I firmly believe that a rescue dog is the way to go for this family!

Once we were done chatting, we decided to go for a little hike to Mt. Doug with the girls and the dog in tow. Béatrice walked for a short distance before she asked to hop into the hiking back pack. I could tell she was getting tired and the terrain (slow incline, roots and rocks protruding) were getting the best of her. I strapped her into the bag, lifted her up on my shoulders and off we went! My calves were slightly screaming from yesterday’s DUs, but it was a good active recovery activity for all of us.

One of the reason I workout: Being able to carry both my girls at once!

One of the reason I workout: Being able to carry both my girls at once!

Now, I’m just waiting for the Open 15.2 announcement to decide when I’ll be going in to do the WOD tomorrow! All in all, a very fun day, spent with lovely ladies! See… Sis sesh all the way! :)

Earning My Stripes!

So, this happened this morning:


BAM! Earning my stripes, one failed DU at-a-time! :)

50 shades of whip!

My lovely husband has finally come home from his long trip away and I was very much looking forward to spending the night snuggled up to him in bed… until he started snoring at 0230. He kept it up with me nudging and poking him for another hour before I headed downstairs to sleep on the couch. The heat was down in the living room and I was freezing. I think I fell asleep 15 mins before my 0500 wake-up call to go to the Box. Ugh. I was slowly regretting those two glasses of wine I had at dinner with my lovely Krista last night. She had asked me if I wanted to go out to dinner after my last night shift and I was very much looking forward. We tried a new-to-us restaurant/pub called Little Jumbo where the vibe was really nice and the food was excellent! I enjoyed the dinner, the company and the wine, but this morning, I was slightly regretting the second glass of wine I had last night! Oh well, I would sweat it out at Crossfit, right?!?

Skill: Pull-ups practice

We did a bit of swinging from the rig, getting out shoulders relaxed then engaged, then we practiced the swing and then we practiced a few reps E90S. I had to use the red and purple bands for my reps. I’m really trying to make a conscious effort of hooking my thumb over the bar for pull-ups, but it still doesn’t come naturally. That’s ok, practice makes perfect, right?!?


I was excited about attempting this one Rx. It took me a long time to row the 40 cals (about 2:35-2:40, can’t remember) and then, I was really winded for the DUs. I was struggling through the 1st round, but managed a few 3 and 4 in-a-row. I moved on to the AKBS (I used the Rx weight of 35#) and split them into 9-4-2. Not effective and I was going to switch my strategy on the second round. Coach Caleb came by and told me to keep loose during my DUs and keep jumping on my toes. I managed 6 in-a-row (a new PR!) on that round and finished my 30 reps before going back to the AKBS. I decided to split them into 8 and 7 and that worked out way better. Back to the DUs for my 3rd round. I was pooped and kept missing. There were a lot of single reps, but then, I managed another 6 in-a-row and I just kept chipping at them. People around me were finished or finishing up, but I just kept working. I did the AKBS in 8 and 7 again. Everybody else was now done and Coach Caleb was cheering me on, telling me I could finish in under 20 minutes if I worked really hard. I stayed loose, on my toes and got my DUs done, before moving to the AKBS. I split them again in 8 and 7 and I could hear Tracey and Marika, cheering me on. I put the KB down and looked at the clock: 19:22! I was dead last by a huge margin, but I did it Rx! I felt so proud and I was so thankful for Coach Caleb to let me attempt it Rx. I knew it would take me a long time, but I also knew I could get it done! Yay! New PR and a rare Rx next to my WOD today! Not too bad for a tired, hungover BabyMama! :)


Yeah Baby!

After 10 days of being a single parent, I was really looking forward to my husband coming home tonight. Of course, I woke up with a cold sore on my lip so celebrating with a kiss will have to wait just a little longer. Also, I realized when I woke up that I am working a night shift tonight and I will leave the house before my husband gets here, so technically, I will have to wait until tomorrow morning to catch a glimpse of him before I head to bed. Meh!

Anyway, I got up this morning and hurried to make breakfast, clean the house and do the laundry so I could go to the Box and tackle 15.1. That’s right! If you’re not into Crossfit, let me remind you that the Crossfit Open 2015 has officially begun and the 1st workout has been released last Thursday. Here’s what it consists of:

I did not do the Rx version since I do not have my TTB yet. Scaled it was for me. I would do hanging knee raises from the rig and the weight on my bar was 55#. I didn’t have a judge going into the workout today, but I figured I could always ask someone at the Box to judge me once I got there.

I warmed up a bit by myself and then I took a bar to one corner of the gym and warmed up my snatches, deadlifts, and clean & jerks at 55#. The snatches were the hardest, but I could manage them. I had a plan to split all my hanging knee raises into 8 & 7 for all the rounds. Now, I was on the lookout for a judge. I felt super start struck when I asked Lindsay to be my judge. She is an amazing athlete and she usually competes in the Regionals. She is super friendly, but I felt like who was I to ask her to be my judge? She accepted readily and she actually gave me pointers throughout the workout which helped out a lot.

My goals for today was to complete at least 3 rounds of 15.1 and try to PR my Clean & Jerk by 5# for 15.1A. I managed to do just that and more! I finished 4 full rounds + 13 hanging knee raises for a total of 133 reps for 15.1 and I also managed 90# on my clean & jerk on 15.1A, which was a 10# PR from 10 days ago! I tried 95# twice, but I was trying to power clean it and didn’t think of trying to squat cleaning it instead. I managed to get the bar up, but I wasn’t fast enough to get under the bar. Oh well, I’m still super happy of what I achieved today! Now, I’m looking forward to my nap before heading into work tonight. :)

Feeling Better

I was a bit tired after a long night out last night. This Mama isn’t used to staying out so late, but it felt good to dress up and enjoy a lovely meal with some friends.

I felt good in that outfit!

I felt good in that outfit!

Still, I showed up for the Oly class this morning and I was a bit deflated when I saw we were doing Power Snatches again this morning… After yesterday, I didn’t have much faith in my abilities.

Power Snatch + 2 OHS E2M x6

We were supposed to work to about 75% of our 1RM. That would have meant 45# for me (my 1RM is 60#), so I pretty much started with an empty bar and worked up from there. Coach Caleb wanted me to stop at 55# and I was thankful for that. I felt much better in the power snatch today, but the OHS felt wobbly. Here were my reps:


Squat Clean Thrusters 5×5 E3M

We were to do these touch and go and 1 rep was a squat clean into a thruster. Those were hard. Coach Caleb wanted me to start at 55# and I didn’t think I would do well, but in the end, I got my head in the zone and pushed through. I was also ok when Coach Caleb came by and made me stay at 65#. His reasoning was that 65# is usually the Rx weight for the Open and I was struggling enough with that as it was.


All in all, it was a good session and now, I have to get some groceries in order to cook for the next few days. Oh, and laundry, of course!

Not Up To Par, But Still Pushing

Been single parenting for 6 days. Only 4 more to go. Last night was still sub-optimal for sleep, but it was way better than the previous one. I went to bed at 2100, read until 2115 and was probably asleep by 2120. I was beyond exhausted. BeZU has the bad habit of waking up at 11pm (way past my bedtime) and trying to sneak her way into my bed. Sorry buddy, not on my watch! I rocked her, gave her a sip of water and then told her she had to go back to sleep in her bed because Maman was tired. She didn’t appreciate that and cried for about 5 minutes before she fell silent. Good.

Then, Rina had a nightmare at 0130 and I went to comfort her. She was afraid of the dark so I left her bedroom door open. They both joined me into bed at 0600. I was up at 0630 to shower and make them breakfast before we all headed on out to drop Rina off at pre-school followed by Crossfit for me. Béa was the perfect little angel and didn’t disturb me too much. She was actually better behaved than she had been on Monday. Still, it was a little frustrating being at the Box today, here’s why:

I couldn’t find my previous weight for this so I was attempting to do 65# on my last rep. It didn’t happen. My first few reps went ok. I did 45#-50#-55# without too much issue. I then tried 1 rep at 60# and that was wonky as heck. I tried for a second rep at 60# and I ended up pressing it more than anything else. I unloaded my bar back down to 55# and finished the last round better. I felt disappointed about this, but when I came back home, I looked up my result and saw that my previous weight was 45#. 10# PR today it was! So why am I still disappointed that I couldn’t get 60#??? Because I know I have done 60# for my hang power snatch, just not 5×3 E90S. Meh! 

WOD: ToeRow

There were 6 of us today and when it was time to get into teams, the boys got together and that meant that us girls were together as well. I was with Michelle and Lennea. Each of us would be doing a different version of TG/FG. I was going for FG1+ I guess with the following modifications:

3 rounds of : 

  • 300m row
  • 12 strict HSPU down to 2 yoga blocks
  • 12 hanging knee raises

I attempted 1 rep of a TTB and I was really close! Maybe it will happen during the Open?!? I also almost got 5 DUs in a row. I normally trip on the 4th, but I managed a 4th without tripping and didn’t get the 5th. Soon! Back to the WOD. On my last row, I had a really bad pinch/cramp in the left part of my neck. I was almost done rowing so I just grabbed the bar with my right hand, kept rowing and pinched my neck with my left hand. My left trap is pretty tense, I will roll it when the girls go for nap and will apply heat after. We finished with a time of 14:05 and I was happy to be done. It just felt like it wasn’t a good day, even though it wasn’t a bad day either.

Tonight, I’m going out for dinner with the girls from work. I think I deserve to dress up a little and go have some fun. Nanny will come and sleep over so I can go to my Oly class in the morning. I even called the restaurant ahead to make sure there were gluten-free/dairy-free options for dinner so that I wouldn’t fall off my meal plan for today (today is only meat and veggies, maybe that’s why I felt so weak?!?) I will stick to drinking water with lemon and will be home relatively early considering I have to wake up at 0500 for my Oly class! Now, I just have to figure out what I’ll wear in order to be presentable, yet comfortable! ;)

Béa In A Box

I was allowed to sleep in until 0626 this morning until Rina walked into my room. The husband is away and I know how to make the best of our king-size bed to myself: Find that sweet spot in the middle that smells of my husband, bury my nose in the blankets, spread out into a star shape and doze off until one of the girls get up or until my alarm goes off! (Who am I kidding, when you have young kids, you don’t need an alarm!)

I got up, made the girls breakfast and got them ready so we could drop Rina off at preschool. I had a plan. Drop-off is at 0900 and there is a 0930 Crossfit class. I wanted to go to that class with Béatrice and see how she would behave during the class. I had extra pull-ups (the diapers, not the Crossfit move), some snacks, a stuffed monkey and an old iPhone with some games on it for her. Turns out, she was just happy sitting close-by, where she could watch me huff and puff! She behaved really well and I’m hoping to repeat the experience on Wednesday. I, on the other hand, felt gassed for some reason. Between having to care for the girls by myself and having to run errands constantly, I’m falling behind in my water consumption and I think it may be why I felt like a ton of brick today.  The people at the 0930 class were all people I didn’t know and they were patient enough to wait for me to be done with the WOD before they started to pick up their stuff. Here’s what we did:

Skill: Front Squat 5×5 E90S

Last time I had done a set of 5×5 front squat was back in August and I had finished at 100#. I was aiming at 105#, but it just didn’t happen. I decided to try to focus on my form instead and, since I felt like I had nothing left in me, I stayed behind on my weights. Here’s what I did:


I repeated both the 90# and 95# because I wasn’t happy with my butt. I have a tendency to dip forward at the bottom of the squat which, then makes me get up from the squat “stripper-style”. Not super pronounced, but I want to correct that bad habit before I start increasing my load. It was hard to focus on these as Béatrice was sitting further at the beginning and we had a false alarm about a diaper change during my warm-up. Meh! What do you expect when you bring a toddler to the Box. At least, I got moving and that’s the most important part.

WOD: Wobble Bobble

I did this one FG with the red and purple bands. The wallballs are still killing me. I love to hate wallballs. I know they must have a purpose of some sort and we’re supposed to work on our weaknesses, but I still suck at them and I still dislike them very much. I used the 14# ball for them and on my 3rd round, I was seriously wondering how I was going to finish the round and do another one. One of the boys started cheering me on and said:

Think of all the gains! GAINS!

That made me laugh and I just kept plucking at them. I caught the ball so many times with my neck and chest, I came home with a huge black line of grime and sweat in my trachea. Super attractive, lemme tell you! (Why doesn’t anybody tell me these things before I leave the Box? I guess that’s one drawback to not having mirrors plastered all over the place)! I still had 20 pull-ups to finish off. I tried o do sets of 5 and I managed to do that, except for the last ones that I had to break into 3 & 2. I finished well after everybody else at 16:23, but at least, I finished. I wanted to quit so many times during thee wallballs that I honestly don’t care that I’m dead last. I’m just proud that I finished at all.

I then picked up Béatrice (with all her gear), rushed home to shower the wallaby grime away, switched a load of laundry, start my spaghetti sauce for dinner tonight in the slow cooker and left again to go get Rina at pre-school. We then ran some errands, grabbed lunch and came back home. My cousin was on a business trip from Ontario and I had the pleasure of his company for dinner. It was short, but it was nice to catch up with him. I always cherish these little visits, it’s nice to catch up with family and have grown-up conversations once-in-a-while! ;)

Alright, enough blogging, time for this Mama to put her feet up and relax on the couch!