No Better Way to Start My Day!

Because most of our Crossfit coaches are in Carson to watch the games (lucky!), we were told there wasn’t going to be a 0600 class this morning. However, Coach Zeke announced he would be in on the Friday class, but I missed that announcement so I showed up to the 0700 class and I was a witness to the brutal WOD.

Skills: Deadlift: My goal was to do 135#. I started at 105# and Coach Zeke came by and saw I was going slow with my increments. He suggested I go heavier for the first increases and go lighter with the last ones. We also talked about how he thought I could go to 145#. I said I wasn’t sure because I did 135# during the Crossfit Open this year, but I couldn’t get 155#. Coach Zeke then said: “Well, now, I think we should make it happen today!”

I did my reps as follows: 105#-110#-125#-135#-145#-150#-155#

See that star? Goal achieved!

See that star? Goal achieved!

That’s right! Not only did I PR on my deadlift, I achieved one of my goals: Deadlifting my body weight! I was one happy girl! I can’t remember the last time I was flying so high after a Crossfit class! I literally think it gave me wings for the WOD!

WOD: It wasn’t pretty, but I managed to do it Rx with minimal walking breaks. I did all my burpees granny-style and broke them into sets of 10. I finished in 14:09. I can still feel my shin splints when I run so I’m being careful not to push it too hard. To be honest, right now, nothing can bring me down from the high of that deadlift! :)

Crossfitting Away From Home

We are on our little (rainy) beach vacation in Parksville, BC at the moment and the clouds seem to want to clear up  so we can enjoy some beautiful sunny beach time. Of course, before we came out here, I had checked out affiliate boxes in the neighbourhood in order to get a WOD in. My choices were Crossfit Nanaimo or Crossfit Qualicum Beach. I opted for Crossfit Qualicum Beach after perusing their website and  I’m glad I did. It is a smaller box and from their Facebook page, it looks like they opened sometime in April or June of 2014 (don’t quote me on that, it’s just my little uninformed guess). I had the great pleasure of dealing with Lucas Bugg who is the Head Coach and owner of CFQB. I was the only one on site for the 0630 class so I also got the bonus of a private lesson. Score!

Lucas is a really attentive coach and you can tell he knows his stuff. Here’s what we did:

Photo 2014-07-24, 7 39 45 AM

Skill: Clean Squats. We worked on the progression with a PVC pipe and working our way to doing the full clean squat. It had been a really long time since I had done clean squats (we usually do power cleans) and at one point, I was overthinking things and complicated everything. It was easier once I did the progression with the empty bar (35#). Lucas gave me some pointers and reminders (which I needed. I have a tendency to get into the swing of things and forget a bit about form at times, so that was really helpful). I then showed him my burpees and we moved onto the WOD

WOD: I knew this one would be hard so I wanted to stay at 35# for my bar. I used the training bar (15#) + 2×10# plates. My plan of attack was to break the 21 in 3 sets of 7, the 15 in 3 sets of 5 and the 9 in 3 sets of 3. I stuck to my plan except for the 9 burpees which I did unbroken. Lucas reminded me to keep my knees turned out before I tackled the set of 9 clean squats and it helped tremendously getting through them. I finished in 14:23, sweaty and happy!I got to meet 2 regular members who were there for the 0730 class. Lucas offered for me to register for an oly lifting class on Saturday morning with Ed Fergusson, but we have some fun family things planned so I will have to pass on that one. I wish I had known earlier and planned accordingly though! ;)

All in all, CFQB is a nice little box and from what I could tell, Lucas is totally dedicated and very knowledgeable about having his members WODing safely. I’ll be sure to come back for more when we are in the neighbourhood. Please check them out as well if you’re ever the area!

I know a lot of my Crossfit Family is in Carson right now enjoying the Crossfit Games and although I am slightly jealous, I’ve been catching up online with the live stream. According to my husband, I look stressed out just watching the Games! Haha! Why wouldn’t I be? Have you seen the OHS yesterday??? That was some serious throw down!



Ben came home after I went to bed last night and although my 0500 wake-up call came a bit too quick, I was ready to go. Why, you might ask? DEADLIFTS is why! I was so happy to see deadlifts on the skill for today when I checked the WOD last night. I have been doing Crossfit for a year and I have done deadlifts only 3 times before today. That’s because I’ve missed almost all deadlift days due to work.  Yeah, being a shift-worker really sucks sometimes!

Skill: I love me some tempo skills! It was nice to work on the deadlifts and I feel like I could have gone a bit heavier on them too. My thumbs are a bit sore from the hook grip, but it’s all good. Here were my reps:


WOD: I was literally aiming for 3 rounds of FG2 for this. I know this is low, but I wanted to do all my push-ups from the toes. Also, it was my 1st attempt at doing lunges and farmer carries with a 25# plate (I usually take the 15#). The farmer carries were hard on the grip. The plate is wide for my little hands and I was glad to be switching hands every length of the gym. It was a lot easier from my right hand than my left one. I just kept telling myself “You’re holding on to Béatrice, if you let go, she will fall and injure herself”. It worked, I didn’t put the plate down once. I managed to surpass my expectations by doing 4 full rounds + 1 lunge for a total score of 121. I was proud as punch and it felt good.

I came back home to the usual dusting, cleaning, laundry and a quick walk to the grocery store with the girls. It’s nice that Béatrice can now walk to and from the grocery store without being picked up (except to cross streets). It makes for a longer trip, but I’m ok with it as long as I’ve planned for it. Ben was in and out of the house, still having to work before we head out on a little R&R trip to the beach and a friend’s wedding. Speaking of, I bought a very cute dress for the wedding and it’s a size bigger than I normally wear because it was too tight around my back and shoulder. I’m ok with that. I know I have gotten broader since starting Crossfit and I don’t mind the bigger size to accommodate my new-found muscles! I just hope my Crossfit bruises will heal in time and I will be able to show somewhat decent legs in my cute dress. I dropped a bar loaded with 80# last Friday when I was cleaning my front squats and it just glided off my leg before landing on the floor…

Photo 2014-07-21, 8 04 09 PM

Not-so-sexy leg

If it doesn’t go away, I’m sure I’ll hear a lot of negative talk about how unsafe Crossfit is… Oh well, it was my fault for not moving fast enough from under the bar.

We are in day 2 of weaning Béatrice from her soother and she’s still very vocal about how she’s not on-par with my plan. I have cut the tip of her soother, so it’s not as bouncy anymore and she doesn’t appreciate this change. Which means I have to go settle her down every 15 minutes upstairs. Which also means that I can feel my sore glutes from the deadlifts and lunges today. It’s a good soreness and I don’t mind the stairs! She only gets her soother for nap and bedtime. I’m hoping to get her off it completely by the end of the week. Keeping my fingers crossed!


Empty, Done, Kaput!

It is Friday. For some, it is TGIF. For me, it will be TGIS on Sunday. My lovely husband will be back from doing an awesome job of coaching the Junior Squash PanAm Games in San Salvador. Since he has left, I have been pulling 17hrs/day straight since last weekend, trying to squeeze in cooking, cleaning, work, being mom and dad all at once. I am exhausted.

To top it all off, we have had a record hot week here in Victoria and I would come home only to find the girls awake well past 2100. (they are usually asleep by 2000). It doesn’t seem like such a big difference, but let me explain. I had to trade my night shifts for day ones since Ben is away and it felt counterproductive to pay the Nanny 24/7 (as lovely as she is, I also like to have some money in my name)! So yeah, a full week of 12-hrs days shifts. Couple that with a super moon and you can be sure to expect mayhem at work. Mayhem did happen on the 2 days I was in charge and I was just exhausted yesterday, simply doing my bedside duties. I came home, showered quickly, managed to get the girls asleep by 2030 (thank you heavens above) and watch some mind-numbing TV. I also received a message from the lovely Tracey offering to watch the girls after her 0600 WOD today so I could come for the 0700 WOD and not worry about keeping them out-of-the-way during the WOD. At that point, I was half hoping she would have forgotten her kind offer last week, but I sucked it up and woke up at 0545 in order to get ready, get the girls up and dressed and off we went to Crossfit.

Skill: There were so many of us for class that I offered to clean my bar from the floor (not enough racks for everyone) and then go into the front squats. I managed 80# before I decided to call it quits. I was dipping the elbows a bit and needed to refocus on my straight shoulders. Always chose form before weights! :) Here are my reps:


WOD: Again, since there were so many of us, some of us decided to do the Airdyne (nope, not me!) or run (yep, I ran) instead of getting on the rower. I paired up with Erin (a runner who enjoys running). I was to do the following:

5 rounds of:

  • 12 Taters at 26#
  • 200m run

Erin, for her rounds had to do:

  • 12 taters at 26#
  • 300m run

We finished the 5 rounds in 21:03. I was done. I managed to do all my runs without ever stopping. I know it’s probably not a feat for anyone, but I felt exhausted during the warm-up today, so that was pretty good for me, I think. Tracey got Rina and Béatrice to cheer me on for every run and, honestly, I think that’s the only thing that kept me going. Tracey is amazing that way, she always knows just what you need at the right time. Thanks Tracey for helping out with my little ladies, but also for working your magic and getting me through today.

Then it was back home, a quick shower and getting the girls to the park (I had promised them we would go) for a good hour before heading back home for lunch and finishing the laundry. I now have to fold it all and put it away before I nap while the girls do as well.

I am pooped. I’ve been running on empty for a while and I am done-zo. Kaput. Fini! Today is actually the first day of my month-long vacation from work. I cannot wait for Ben to be back and for our little getaway at the beach. I was thinking of trying a new box while we’re away, but I’m not even sure I have anything left in my tank for that. I think the weekend of rest will do me the world of good and I will re-assess next week. For now, I am very much looking forward to my upcoming nap! :)

1 Year Progress Update!

In 12 days, I will celebrate my 1 year anniversary at Crossfit Vic City. At the same time, I will also celebrate my 1 year of Crossfit. One year of being dedicated 2-3 days/ week to go sweat my little heart out and get myself in the best shape of my life. I have seen many ups and a few downs over the past year. I’ve had months with better measurements than the one I’m celebrating on my anniversary, but I’ve come to understand that this is a lifelong process and there will be ups and downs. I just can’t beat myself over it. All I can do is keep my chin up, my elbows in and keep going forth. The pounds lost are minimal as well as the inches lost, but the pictures are worth a thousand words in my opinion. I have never stuck to a fitness program for this long and I’m proud of my accomplishments. I am happy to have found my Crossfit who keeps welcoming me with open arms, day in and day out. I have definitely reached a plateau over the past few months and I know I just have to keep working hard, but even if I don’t ever PR in the next year, I will keep going because Crossfit grounds me. For some people, yoga or meditation does the work. For me, it’s being told to keep pushing, keep rowing, one more rep. These words get me going and the physical exertion I get from the workouts are why I keep going back. I love knowing and feeling that I get my body to work and move in ways I never thought possible a year ago. Happy anniversary to me and here’s to another wonderful year to come! :)

Skill: I worked on the push jerks. We had to clean those from the ground up and I wanted to challenge myself on the WOD. I warmed up and worked on my form at 35# (empty bar).


Push Jerk Station: I worked up from 40# to 75#. I wanted to try 80#, but I was running out of time and 75# was plenty challenging to me. I’m not sure I would have managed 3 reps at 80#.


Double Unders: Those are still a struggle for me, I managed to do 8 in 2 minutes

Row: I did 40 calories in 3 minutes. I was trying to pace myself  while still maintaining a good effort and did a sprint for the last 45 secs.

Total score: 123 Probably the lowest of the box, yet again, but I’ve stopped caring about that a while ago. As long as I’m happy with the effort and the work I’ve put in, then it has to be good enough for me.

Since I won’t be able to go to the box until next Friday, I will do my progress update below

In numbers, here’s what my stats look like:

A year in numbers

A year in numbers

And for those of you who are visual people, here’s what it looks like for me:

A year in pictures

A year in pictures

Also, here are some goals for the year to come:

Unassisted pull-ups: I’d like to master those this year.

Running: Still my nemesis (with the dreaded Airdyne): I’d like to get a little better at running.

Squat and Deadlift my body weight: Hopefully, I’ll get there this year!

That’s all folks! Thanks for all your words of encouragement, your support and your readership over the past year, I hope you’ll stick along for the year to come!

Running Like A Russian Bull!

I read the WOD last night and I thought: Russian Bull, Russian Bull, Russian Bullsh** if you ask me! Here’s why:

I showed up for the 0700 class this morning and was ready to tackle this like the monster it sounded like. After all, I did 14.5 in 38 mins, I could probably go through this one as well!

WOD: I used the following modifications for the WOD:

  • Running, walking, crawling whatever got me through each rounds of 600m run
  • red and green bands for my strict pull-ups
  • HR push-ups Rx
  • Double crunches Rx
  • lunges Rx
  • 26# offset KB rack carries

It was tough, but still a lot easier than 14.5. I don’t think anything will ever be as tough as 14.5 (famous last words! ;) ) I really wanted to get at least one stretch of 600m without stopping, but I didn’t manage to do so. At one point, I was really struggling for the run and I saw AJ who was just floating. She wasn’t gunning it, she was using the run for recovery and was going at a slower, steadier pace. I followed her example and was actually able to do a little bit better and actually recover a bit. I still needed to take a few walking breaks, but I felt better.

I managed 4 full round + the following:

  • 600m run
  • 6 strict pull-ups
  • 8 HR push-ups Rx
  • 5 Double crunches.

That means I ran/walked a total of 3km under 40 minutes and still managed to do other “stuff” during those 40 mins. It wasn’t pretty and I probably did look like I was a Russian bull running on the street, but I made it through those 3km and for a non-runner, I am super proud of myself! :) The fact that I never quit, even though it was already so freakin’ hot (I even took off my tank top and did the WOD in my sports bra, that’s how much I didn’t care anymore!), but I kept going, one task at a time, kept pushing. What was even more impressive was that everybody was cheering each other on during the runs. Even more incredible, people were smiling while providing encouraging words and it made me smile back at them. Yep! That’s right. I was running AND smiling! Who would have thunk it!

For the rest of the day, I am cleaning my duvet (filled with orange juice, thanks to Rina), doing some more laundry and going hunting for a fan for our room and the girls’ room. It’s been extremely hot here lately and our upstairs gets steaming in the evening. Last night, we had the girls with us on the couch until 2130 because they just couldn’t sleep it was so hot. Needless to say, I went to bed shortly after so I had no time to myself at all coming home from work. I’m hoping the fans will help us all sleep a little better throughout the summer.

In other news, we have a couple who will come and view our suite tonight. Hopefully, they don’t get scared by the lack of carpet in it and are decent people… We’ll see!

Keep On Pushing

I knew yesterday would be brutal, but I didn’t know how brutal it would be.

Woke up early for the 0600 Crossfit class and I got dressed quickly in the quiet house. Our house! Still feels a bit weird to say out loud! :)

I had looked up the WOD the night before and I knew it would be hard:

Skills: My ankle is a whole lot better, but it’s still stiff and swollen, so I took it cautiously yesterday. To top it off, we did some side shuffles around the gym and it is still pailful for me to do lateral motion (pushing off my foot sideways hurts still) so I was already being cautious after that. I started at 20″ for the box jumps (easy) and managed to do 4 rounds of 3 at 24″. I think I probably could have done 25″ or even 26″, but given my ankle, I chose not to. Also, I got my foot caught on the box once. No shin skinning happened, but it was enough for me! 24″ = 39% of my height! Yay me!

WOD: That was brutal. Period. Airdyne sprints (or crawls in my case) are not my cup of tea. I was paired with two beasts Bo and Krysha, so I elected to go for last on each rounds, meaning I would have to be on the dreadful thing for 16 calories for the 1st round, 14 cals for the 2nd round, 12 cals, for the 3rd round and 10 cals for the last round. Not surprisingly, I was the last one of all the teams to finish, but I didn’t really care. I had too much on my mind. I’ve been stressed out of my brains lately with some family stuff, the move and everything else in my day-to-day life and I just wanted to get this thing done because I could feel tears bubbling up and I didn’t want to cry with every one watching. I don’t know what it is, but when I get emotionally stressed and follow-up with an intense physical workout, it’s like opening the flood gates to everything I have been suppressing and then I’m treated to the worst involuntary ugly cry show. So yeah, didn’t want that happening again. I plowed through my 4th round, got off the devil incarnated and went to the wall to catch my breath and let some tears flow free. I managed to not go into the ugly cry fest and with some deep breathing, I remained somewhat presentable before quickly leaving the premises. I hate when that happens. I hate not being in control of my emotions when I’m at Crossfit. This is supposed to be my time to myself, my escape, my little haven, the one place where I can stop thinking about everything happening in my life and just lift heavy things, move them and burn some energy. Oh well. Next time will be better, I’m sure!

My thoughts, exactly!

My thoughts, exactly!

I knew the rest of the day wasn’t gonna be any easier as I was already feeling super stiff and sore in my deltoids and trapezius muscles. That’s what happens when I get stressed out. Everything in my neck and upper back bunches up and gets into a big ball of knots. After finishing to unpack the upstairs, I sorted and folded/hung all of the girls’ clothes and did the same to our clothes too. the only thing left to unpack upstairs is our makeshift desk/office station on the landing.

Today, we got up early again and I made up a list of things to get at Walmart (food, clothes for Rina and organizers for our cutlery drawer), I then sprayed some baking soda on our carpets upstairs and in the staircase and let it sit for a long hour in order to try to get rid of the intense cat urine smell that overtook the house last night. We are not sure if the smell was coming off the carpet in the suite or the carpet in our place, but we got on it quick! After I fed the girls their lunch, I got going on the vacuuming of the previously spread baking soda (smells much better!) and started to clean the upstairs bathroom (ceiling, walls, shower, toilet, tub, floors, EVERYTHING was scrubbed and is now sparkling) while Ben added shelvings for storage in the basement and ripped up the carpet in our rental suite. Once I was done scrubbing, I went to help him out with removing the under-padding and am now sitting down for the 1st time today, frizzed and disheveled and surrounded by boxes. I am hoping to tackle the boxes in the living room tomorrow while doing laundry and getting ready for another set at work. Only 2 more sets of work before I’m on vacation for a month! But first, we will enjoy our traditional Sunday breakfast out with aunt Sandy who kindly noticed that I have a few grey strands of hair showing. I believe her subdued statement went something like this: “Holy sh** you have a lot of grey hair!” Good thing I like her! ;)

I finally decided to sit down around 1500 to take  a little quiet break while the girls were still napping and wanted to write up this post, but our internet was wonky and I’m just finally able to finish this off.

Not impressed with my grey hair or the unpacking left, but I am impressed with my trapezius! Check out my little bulge! :)

Not impressed with my grey frizzy hair, the wonky internet connection or the unpacking left, but I am impressed with my trapezius! Check out my little bulge! :)

Now, I will indulge in a hot water bottle on my back, some knitting and mindless TV watching! ‘Night!


Applying Crossfit Principles In Your Everyday Life

Sorry about being MIA lately, it’s been slightly chaotic between being at work and moving to our first house!

I finished work yesterday morning and slept for 4hrs before I tackled unpacking the bathroom, linen closet and our master bedroom. It took me a long time to unpack and refold everything, but I finally got it done around 1900, just in time to put the girls to bed for the night. To say I was done for the day is an understatement.

We woke up early (thank you skylights without any blinds) and got to moving our furniture outside of our bedroom so the carpet cleaner would have ample room to do his job upstairs. The carpets are pretty cruddy and I’m hopeful he’ll be able to get the back in shape.

While we were moving furniture around, I managed to move both of my tallboy by myself. I had removed the drawers to make them lighter and then braced my core, picked them up in a front rack position with my arms folded and moved them to the room we are keeping empty until we are done painting (it will become Rina’s room once we’re done). Then, it was onto the tall dresser. We tilted it down and both Ben and I grabbed onto it and moved it quickly into the spare bedroom. Bam! Our bedroom was ready to go!

The girls’ bedroom was fairly easy. I managed to move Rina’s bed and mattress all by myself and Ben and I moved their dresser together. We didn’t bother removing the drawers out of that one and it was fairly heavy. We both went down to a deep squat, grabbed hold of the bottom of the dresser and lifted it up. I won’t lie, it was a heavy squat for me, but we managed to get it done! A year ago, I probably would have shied away from lifting all that furniture. Today, although it was somewhat challenging, I felt confident we could get everything done with both Ben and I. It just goes to show how Crossfit has helped me in my everyday life. I am now more functional and can lift much heavier than I was able to do a year ago. Winning all the way if you ask me! :)

Now, Ben is at work and I’ve put most of the furniture back to where it belongs by myself (except for that super tall dresser… No way I can do that one alone, cross fitter or not! I will have to do it with Ben tonight when he gets home. A quick trip to the grocery store by foot with the girls and a healthy lunch before they went down for their nap. I have folded laundry, cleaned the dishwasher so we can start using it cleaned up some more furniture and now, I will sit with my hot water bottle on my lower back while I take a break on the couch. Tomorrow should be another busy day of managing the girls while trying to unpack after an early Crossfit class. This will be my routine until we are officially done with the paint and officially moved in! :)

Our Home

It’s been a very long day and I’m absolutely exhausted after a 0500 start for the 0600 Crossfit class this morning. Rina woke up just as I was leaving and was begging to come along. I had looked up the WOD for today and I knew it would be a “safe one” to have her around i.e. no throwing of barbells around or running (which might end up in a collision with her if she inadvertently got in the way). Being the mom that I am, I took her with me in her pi’s, crazy hair and all! ;)

Here’s what we did:

Skill: I had to sub these for the Romanian deadlift as my ankle is still bothering me too much to do the Russian squats. I got up to 70# today.

WOD: I did my push-ups from my toes, but did them hand-released. I also did my pull-ups with the red and green bands, all strict. I can’t seem to progress much from these… Maybe I’ll just have to build myself a pull-up bar in my new yard and practice them at home! ;)

Rina was really well behaved and stayed out of the way for the most part, except to join me when I was doing my push-ups! :) She’s an amazing partner to have and she cracks me up during the WOD!

We came back home and hurried to get the girls ready for a fun (ahem!) trip to Home Depot. I have a feeling we’ll be living there for the next few months. We wanted to buy some paint colour samples as well as new deadbolts for the house. 2 hours later, we came back home to finish packing and I now have to live out of my back pack for the next 72hrs… We took advantage of the girls’ nap to pack all their toys and books away. When they got up, we made a quick trip to the bank, picked up some food for our picnic dinner at the new house and headed on over to what is now officially our home. Our real estate agent was waiting for us with the previous owner watering our garden and she handed us the keys to our place. She also had a few presents for us (which I thought was amazing on her part): a beer for Ben (he doesn’t like wine), a small bottle of champagne for me, a retractable garden hose, a small propane fire pit for our patio and bubbles for the girls. :) I still can’t believe this house is ours. It needs to be cleaned top to bottom, but it’s ours!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We then tried some swatches of paint on the walls and I think the choices I’ve come up with are pretty good. We will go buy the paint on Monday so we can enjoy a mail-in rebate that is only on until Wednesday. Trying to save as much as we can. Ben also said that he saw the leftover paint for the outside of the house as well as some of the inside of the house in the shed. Score!

It turns out the previous owner of the house is also our next door neighbour. He was renting out our house to tenants and lives in the house next door. He said we could go over and ask him questions anytime!

We then camped out in our dining room and had dinner on the floor (literally) while the girls ate and ran around us. It was hot and we were trying to open the old windows on the main floor. Some of them are stuck in pain and while Ben banged one to try to pry it open, he broke the window. Just a crack in the corner, but it will have to be replaced. Welcome home! :)

We came back to the apartment to put the girls to bed and I am now officially exhausted. I’m back to work tomorrow and Ben will start moving some boxes from our current place to our new house with some helpers and his sister will come and help out as well as the Nanny. I hope the day goes well for him. We have movers coming around on Sunday to move the heavier things while I’m at work (still). Happy moving weekend!

Is It Nap Time Yet???

Holy Cow! That was brutal. I don’t know if it’s because I went to bed late, had crazy dreams and woke up super early (or a combination of all of the above), but the WOD today certainly makes me wish I could go and nap right now, and it’s not even 0900!

Mobility: Still enjoying those. KB pec crush are getting better at 35#, but they still hurt in a good way. My ankle is doing better, still very swollen, but I had enough mobility to do some air squats today. Much better. I wear a brace to help decrease the swelling and I still ice it a couple times / day. I have a feeling it will be a long recovery… :(

WOD: this one was brutal. A Tabata of rowing (20s effort, 10s rest, repeat x 8). I’m short and not a good rower, so I came in last with my worst split at 76m. My best one was 79m. Rest for 6 mins, then hop on the spawn of satan Airdyne for 5 continuous minutes for total calories. That’s right, folks, 5 CONTINUOUS MINUTES!!! I did another poor score at 52 cals for the entire  5mins. It gives me room to improve. It was brutal and I kept sliding forward on the saddle, so that made it that much harder. I didn’t stop once though!

The men of the 1st heat, crushing it!

The men of the 1st heat, crushing it!


I knew this one was hard the minute I stepped off the ‘dyne. Legs weren’t working properly (I was walking like the Tin Man) and abdominal cramping was at its prime. I rolled my quads with a Lacrosse ball before leaving and managed to make it down the stairs and into my car without too much wobbling.

I came home, made a big breakfast and my plan was to go to the playground with the girls once I do some more packing and laundry, but I now just found out that we will need more money for the purchase of the house (adjusted city taxes, pain in my butt!) and will have to go to the bank to take care of that. Bleh! It feels like I’ve given away the biggest chunk of money I’ve ever saved in my entire life and now, I need to give away more… :( I guess that’s what being a home owner is all about!

So, there goes my day! To top it all off, I was coming along very nicely on my Twilight socks, but I had to unravel EVERYTHING because I made a silly mistake and being a novice knitter, couldn’t figure out how to fix it. I guess I’ll have to re-cast on at some point! :(